Projects for EPFL BSc/MSc students

This page lists semester and thesis projects offered by the Realistic Graphics Lab. They are broadly in the areas of Differentiable Rendering, Physically-based Rendering, and Appearance Modeling. The project list is not exclusive: we sometimes host projects that are tailored to the interests of a specific student. In this case, please reach out and let us know what you would like to do.

The project descriptions should only be interpreted as rough guidelines with flexibility to make changes. For example, a project description might be engineering-focused and could be adjusted to include a research challenge. If you are searching for a MSc thesis project and find a semester project proposal appealing, its scope can likely be extended to turn it into a thesis.

Computer Science students who wish to do their MSc thesis with us should also consult also the general regulations for master theses and projects of the IC school, and specific aspects that may be relevant for incoming students. If you are looking for a summer research internship, then this is not the right page. Please apply to the Summer@EPFL program and send Wenzel an email with your application ID.

How to apply

All applications must go through a Google submission form linked on the right. You will need to specify which project(s) you are interested in, why you are interested, and what relevant experience you have in this area.

Acceptance is unfortunately not guaranteed: RGL is a small lab, and we normally receive more applications than can be realistically supervised.

There are two application rounds per semester. We will get back to you within a week after the deadline to inform you about the status of your application. If there are still remaining projects and supervisors after the first round, we will also consider applications in a second late application round. That said, we recommend that you apply to the first round, as most projects are likely to be taken at this point.

Our projects require prior experience with visual computing and rendering, such as material taught in CS-440: Advanced Computer Graphics and/or CS-328: Numerical Methods for Visual Computing and Machine Learning.

Fall semester

Date Description
20.06 Early deadline
21.06 - 28.06 First Contact with Supervisors
20.08 Late deadline
21.08 - 28.08 First Contact with Supervisors

Spring semester

Date Description
01.12 Early deadline
02.12 - 09.12 First Contact with Supervisors
01.02 Late deadline
02.02 - 09.02 First Contact with Supervisors

Extra information

  • We recommend using ACM SIGGRAPH template for submitting your report. You can download it from the official website or use it directly from Overleaf.
  • If you are not familiar with Latex, here is a tutorial that you can use to get familiar with.
  • You will have to prepare a presentation of around 20 minutes. Feel free to use any style of your choice.
  • You can expect a weekly meeting with your advisor, depending on the state of your work.
  • Subject to availability (usually no problem), we can offer computing power for the realization of the project.
  • Recommended length for the report:
    Master thesis ~25 pages (~12 if double column).
    Semester project (bachelor/master) ~10 pages (~5 if double column).


You must connect through the EPFL network to see the list of available projects.