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Merlin Nimier-David

Peer-reviewing conflicts

Automatically generated from publications in the last two years: Zhao Dong, Wenzel Jakob, Anton Kaplanyan, Alexander Keller, Thomas Müller, Benoît Ruiz, and Sébastien Speierer.


Wenzel Jakob, Merlin Nimier-David, Delio Vicini, and Tizian Zeltner
Fall 2020
Wenzel Jakob, Merlin Nimier-David, and Delio Vicini
Spring 2019
Merlin Nimier-David
Spring 2019
Wenzel Jakob, Helge Rhodin, Merlin Nimier-David, Tizian Zeltner, and Delio Vicini
Fall 2018
Wenzel Jakob, Tizian Zeltner, and Merlin Nimier-David
Spring 2018
Merlin Nimier-David
Fall 2017


Merlin Nimier-David, Thomas Müller, Alexander Keller, and Wenzel Jakob
To appear in Trans­ac­tions on Graph­ics (Pro­ceed­ings of SIG­GRAPH 2022)
Merlin Nimier-David, Zhao Dong, Wenzel Jakob, and Anton Kaplanyan
In Pro­ceed­ings of Euro­graph­ics Sym­posi­um on Ren­der­ing (DL-only Track)
Merlin Nimier-David, Sébastien Speierer, Benoît Ruiz, and Wenzel Jakob
In Trans­ac­tions on Graph­ics (Pro­ceed­ings of SIG­GRAPH 2020)
Merlin Nimier-David, Delio Vicini, Tizian Zeltner, and Wenzel Jakob
In Trans­ac­tions on Graph­ics (Pro­ceed­ings of SIG­GRAPH Asia 2019)