Realistic Graphics Lab


01 September 2017

EDIC Fel­lows Mer­lin Ni­mi­er-Dav­id and De­lio Vi­cini join RGL for semester pro­jects.

04 July 2017

Since ver­sion 10.2, Modo uses our In­stant Meshes al­gorithm to im­ple­ment its auto­mat­ic re­to­po­logy fea­ture! The Foundry just re­leased an in­ter­view with Wen­zel Jakob (PDF) about this tech­nique and oth­er re­cent pro­jects in this area.

01 June 2017

Dav­id Körner, PhD stu­dent at VISUS Stut­tgart, is join­ing RGL for pro­ject this Sum­mer & Fall. Wel­come, Dav­id!

01 May 2017

Wen­zel Jakob will give a key­note talk at EPFL's 2017 Re­search Day Fron­ti­ers of Visu­al Com­put­ing on June 8.

20 February 2017

This semester, a new ver­sion of the course CS 440: Ad­vanced Com­puter Graph­ics is offered for the first time.

17 October 2016

The third edi­tion of Phys­ic­ally Based Ren­der­ing: From The­ory to Im­ple­ment­a­tion by Matt Pharr, Wen­zel Jakob, and Greg Humphreys is hot off the press and should be avail­able in stores mid-Novem­ber. El­sevi­er and Amazon's stores have di­git­al PDF & Kindle edi­tions that are avail­able as of now.

11 October 2016

Chaos Group has re­leased a new ver­sion of their V-Ray ren­der­er, which for the first time in­cludes a Stochast­ic Mi­cro­flake re­flect­ance mod­el for ren­der­ing glit­ter and sparkle ef­fects. Their al­gorithm is based on the pa­per Dis­crete Stochast­ic Mi­cro­fa­cet Mod­els by Wen­zel Jakob, Mi­loš Hašan, Ling-Qi Yan, Jason Lawrence, Ravi Ramamoorthi, and Steve Marschner.

18 September 2016

The course CS 328: Nu­mer­ic­al Meth­ods for Visu­al Com­put­ing is offered for the first time.

17 September 2016

Call for present­a­tions: please get in touch to present in the Fall 2016 edi­tion of the Visu­al Com­put­ing Sem­in­ar.

01 September 2016

EDIC Fel­lows Tiz­ian Zelt­ner, Michalina Pachol­ska, and An­dreas Finke join RGL for semester pro­jects.

08 May 2016

Wen­zel Jakob re­ceives the Euro­graph­ics Young Re­search­er Award.

01 February 2016

Wen­zel Jakob joins EPFL's School of Com­puter and Com­mu­nic­a­tion Sci­ences as a Ten­ure-Track As­sist­ant Pro­fess­or.